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Overeating is the excess food consumed in relation to the energy that an organism expends (or expels via excretion), leading to weight gaining and often obesity. It may be regarded as an eating disorder. This term may also be used to refer to specific episodes of over-consumption. For example, many people overeat during festivals or while on holiday.
Overeating can be a symptom of binge eating disorder. Compulsive over eaters depend on food to comfort themselves when they are stressed, suffering bouts of depression, and have feelings of helplessness.
Being overweight increases health risks such as;
– Diabetes,
– Cancer
– Cardiovascular disease
– High blood pressure
– Heart problems and stroke
– Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
– Gallbladder disease
– Sleep apnea (interrupted breathing during sleep)
Reduction of owereating lowers those risks.

Hypnotherapy is the best and an affective way to cure all negative emotions without any side effects.
If you want to feel better or want to rid of any unwanted feelings above, you can come here to see me for hypnothereapy

What is the benefits of loosing weight ?
– Have healty body
– Feel more confident
– Have more energy
– Look better in your clothes
– Have long and healty life
– Look forward to holidays
– Enjoy socializing and special occasions
– Enjoy shopping for clothes
– Feel good about yourself
– Feel happer

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How Effective Is Hypnosis?

American Health Magazine Compared Different
Types Of Therapy And Found:
Behavior Theraphy

38% Recovery after
600 Sessions

72% Recovery after
22 Sessions

93% Recovery after
6 Sessions

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